Funding Risk, Market Liquidity, Market Volatility and the Cross-Section of Asset Returns

We find strong evidence of a funding risk premium in the cross-section of asset returns. Using funding shocks identified in our previous paper, we obtain estimates for the price of funding risk that are robust across Treasury bonds, corporate bonds, equities, and hedge funds. Funding shocks pose a risk to investors because they exacerbate the illiquidity and volatility of securities, increase the dispersions of asset illiquidity and volatility, and decrease contemporaneous returns. Our price-of-risk estimates are also robust to using mimicking portfolio returns, alternative portfolio sorts, traditional test assets, monthly returns or quarterly returns. Funding shocks are not subsumed by common proxies for market-wide illiquidity or dealers’ balance sheet risk.

The paper can be found here. The funding liquidity factor used in this paper can be found here: FundingLiquiditFactor_19862015Q4.